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l prayer partner

if we can prayer together. I believe we can get the answer of our prayer together

favor n Healin i fell at school got cut on lip n nose n very sore i cab barely moved my right arm Pray big favor stand out n shime at Harrison park to get para pro ft job n get connection to emplyment at school n get invite to events 13

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need help

Need support n help my x is not paying anything we have a son together n Heidi take care of it n I could use the extra 600.00 a month Stace need to pay 150.00 every other week 1st n 18 the of each month 5

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Support for our school in Haiti

Please Praying for our school in Haiti that God send more supporters. Thanks 13

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trun around in jesus name

lord jesus i trun around all trouble coming my way in jesus name . lord jesus i trun around my marriage to be good and what you need it to be in jesus name. lord jesus i trun around my life im jesus name. 7

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